neadRAM Auto Compounder

The neadRAM auto-compounder represents another stride towards optimization and streamlining. Stake your neadRAM tokens in our vault, and it will automatically compound all rewards generated by our veNFT into more neadRAM.

Upon depositing neadRAM into the vault, you'll receive a receipt token as proof of your deposit. The number of receipt tokens you receive is determined by the quantity of neadRAM already in the pool and the current total supply of the receipt token. This ratio is initially set at 1 receipt token = 1 neadRAM but will gradually increase over time due to compounding.

The ratio only changes as compounding events occur, which are then distributed to the pool and divided equally among all receipt token holders. This leads to each receipt token being worth more neadRAM (resulting in an increased share of neadRAM).

Here's how the compounding process works:

  • wETH rewards from bribes/fees are converted to neadRAM.

  • RAM rewards from LP performance fees and bribes/fees are sold for neadRAM.

  • xoRAM is converted to veRAM and then converted into neadRAM.

  • neadRAM from bribes/fees and rebases.

It's important to note that active harvesting of the vault is required to enable auto-compounding, and a fee is paid to harvesters for their services.

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